Saturday, October 14, 2006

Blue Ash "Around Again, Again!"

a collection of rarities from the vault 1972-79

The songs from Blue Ash's "Around Again"(a 2004 two cd retrospective) are now available for collective and individual downloads at Lost In The Grooves.
Also, over 170 Blue Ash songs that were found in the vaults a few years ago will also be available for the first time anywhere. Some of the titles are "Walls", "I'll Be Standing By", "Dinner At Mr. Billy's", "It's All In Your Mind", "Look Out Your Window Baby I'm On Your Porch", "Baby Doll", Dangerous! Dynamite!", "You Know My Number", "When I Get You", "You Really Get To Me"...and dozens of other tunes that have never before been heard by anyone outside of the band members themselves. All of it was written by the Blue Ash songwriting team of Bill "Cupid" Bartolin and Frank Secich. The songs were recorded in Youngstown, Ohio at Peppermint studios between 1972 and 1976. More details about future releases will be forthcoming at in the next few weeks.

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