Saturday, October 14, 2006

Blue Ash News & Related Items

Jim Kendzor and Frank Secich on stage in 1969
photo by Maryann Hartmann

Frank Secich Interview On Russian Site

Blue Ash Official Website

John Wicks And the Records have a new recording called "Live In Concert" includes free downloads and a "live" cover of Blue Ash's "Have You Seen Her?"

Power Pop Lovers "The Blog Gems 1978-1999" includes the Infidels' classic "Mad About That Girl" produced by Frank Secich of Blue Ash

Blue Ash Yahoo Group

photo by Kurt Sunderman

Starting at 8 o'clock and going clockwise: Jim Kendzor,Frank Secich, David Evans, Bill "Goog" Yendrek and roadie Joe "Lice" Harris in 1969
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