Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What The Critics Are Saying About Blue Ash!

What The Critics Are Saying.............
"Blue Ash were power-pop pioneers. Their debut layers soaring, romantic harmonies over bumptious, Who-inspired rock, and as with fellow chart flops Big Star, their rep has grown ever since" —SPIN

"These 1970's power-poppers never got the acclaim of fellow Ohioans the Raspberries, but this reissue of their 1973 debut LP proves they were nearly as groovy" —ROLLING STONE

"It takes but one listen to realize it's a landmark power-pop album" —RELIX

"Time to rediscover '70's power-pop group Blue Ash...Lovers of power-pop-let alone lost souls-shouldn't let the group stay unknown a moment longer" —NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

"Anyone who caught Not Lame's 2004 collection of outtakes will applaud this first-ever digitization of the debut album from a band that, for three minutes at least, put Youngstown, Ohio on the map" —RECORD COLLECTOR

"Blue Ash hailed from Youngstown, Ohio, and are best known for the sprightly pop magic of the timeless "Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)" —GOLDMINE

"No More, No Less" a delirious, melodious, guitar-happy romp through the group's influences: the Who, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Byrds...etc.” —COLUMBUS DISPATCH

"Blue Ash interpreted their '60's influences in the context and conventions of their times. What's surprising is how undated it still sounds, particularly compared to the radio pop of just a few years later. By sticking to the basics of guitar, bass, drums & a hint of piano, by relying on classic pop melody & craft, Blue Ash minted a timeless classic" —HYPERBOLIUM

"This bar-bred quartet distilled the meatiest, beatiest aspects of the British Invasion; imported some Byrds-inspired jangle from the left coast; and delivered Blue Ash's wares with rafter shaking intensity.....Blue Ash's 1973 debut became a power-pop touchstone despite being out-of-print for decades" —AUSTIN CHRONICLE

"Indeed, Blue Ash was so gloriously '70's--so gloriously ahead of it's time so as to appear behind it--it stands to reason that that the band got signed to Mercury Records by the too-bright and too far-sighted A&R man Paul Nelson, whose bands either left an indelible (but somewhat invisible) thumbprint on rock 'n' roll (Blue Ash) or downright changed it's course forever (New York Dolls). Of course trailblazers never get their due.” —DETROIT METRO TIMES

"Jam-packed with Guitar Hero-bound riffs, monster choruses and some well-arranged ballads masquerading as rockers ("Dusty Old Fairgrounds") this is an obscure gem on which power and pop are both evenly matched and brilliantly intertwined.” —FLAGPOLE (Athens, GA)

“The Blue Ash story is one of rock's best kept secrets, No More, No Less is selling briskly on Amazon .com, proving it's never to late to pick up where you left off.” —BLOGCRITICS

"All this indicates the Blue Ash were a rock band first and foremost, placing sheer rush of sound over hooks, something a lot of their progeny never did. That's what gives their debut "No More, No Less now reissued by Collectors Choice in 2008, a full 35 years after it's release--such a punch" —ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"An album that should send paroxysms of joy through the central nervous systems of power pop fans everywhere" —LOS ANGELES CITYBEAT

"While many bozos wanked away in early '70's prog bombast, this Ohio band studied the Who and the Kinks, holding fast to the tenets of concise ans energetic pop. It won't realign you world, but you'll be glad to know about it.” —HARTFORD ADVOCATE

"This is one of power pop's great albums” —BLURT

"Liner notes are included courtesy of Blue Ash co-songwriter and bass player Frank Secich....Secich dwells only on the positive, which is reflective of the typically upbeat attitude the band proffers on No More, No Less, as well as during their still-going-strong live performances. Power pop fans need to own this reissue!” —SHINDIG (U.K.)


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Hi, I wanted to get in touch with Frank about the cover of "No More, No Less"...Any help would appreciated...Best, Erik

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My email is Frankiefane@yahoo.com

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